Someone with fixed or growth mindset, are you?

There are so many things in life that sometimes we, without realizing it happen based on how our mindset is. From very small things, like picking clothes, deciding whether to go to an event or not  or simply how to spend our leisure time.

 Mindset is a way we look at this world and how we run  our life. There are two kinds of mindset; Fixed and Growth. Fixed mindset can be seen from these characteristics; being pessimistic, withdraw, deterministic, discourage, being inferior, not confident  and some other negative attributes.

 While, Growth mindset are as follows; optimistic, feel confident, love learning new things, always do better in things and some other positive attributes.

 We easily know what people mindset is by talking, discussing or just seeing the ways they are fixing things.

 Personally, I feel that sometimes I can be in Fixed mindset then the other time I am in Growth mindset. When I am in Fixed mindset I feel not so good, being frustrated, anger inside, blaming things around me, feel that I cannot achieve anything or things that I have achieved in life  is just of luck. No no! Then worst, I become alienate to myself, not knowing who I am, not knowing what actually I want to do or achieve in life. My relationship with others become rotten and wrecked. No no!

 But, the other way around, when I am in a Growth mindset; I feel so good, feel that I can achieve whatever I want in this life, being optimistic, happy, enthusiastic, seeing things as funny and bright.

 Ok, I am writing this when I am stuck in the severe traffic in Bona Indah. Can you imagine it is more than two hours from my place to school. Fiuuh. I have to do something, to change the schedule of when the best time living for work. Crazy. This is crazy. This is Jakarta. Crazy Jakarta that well known  with bad, bad, bad, bad….add more as you want…traffic. What should I do? It’s drizzling, no ojek seen, just stuck…stuck…stuck….stuck.

 I have to stay positive, this will not gonna ruin my whole day. Let me just enjoy this stuck in the mud car. No blaming, just change the schedule tomorrow to leave house earlier. OK. Leave house at 5 am? Fine, that was what I did when I was at Bogor. So, no probs at all.

 This is growth mindset. I find a way to overcome this condition so not happen again in the future. Growth mindset is always able to overcome difficult situation, find ways out and try new things. Ok. I am a person with Growth mindset. 

 Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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