I  took these pictures  on my way home on the previously known as Jabodetabek train, at the most busy hours.


I was having two old friends visited from Surabaya. After staying overnight in my home, yesterday  I accompanied them to go to the Central of Jakarta to have their purposes of coming to this city get settled. 

Around 7 pm I went back home. After considering  few choices of how to reach back home at a time considering as  busy hours –  when people get back home from work. Then KRL Jabodetabek,  that recently a.k.a  COMMUTER LINE – eventually be my best choice OR let’s say; I had no other choice! 

Have you been in this train? If you haven’t, you should try once in a while, at least to get a sense of how hard life in Jakarta is, particularly in terms of transportation system within the city itself or those to and from some nearby towns. 

So off I went! I started my trip at Sudirman railway station. At that time as it can be predicted, the station had been crammed by commuters. I looked at the benches along the waiting area, hoping to find an empty seat for my tired body. But they were full – no more rooms for even a single and slim butt:), ha..ha!  But luckily, not for long, the train came by! I kept myself in the line – a messy line of passengers  that couldn’t wait to move in. Among that boisterous noise, a woman screamed in pain. It seemed somebody accidentally stepped on her foot. Ouch!!

Deja vu! The situation brought my mind to my days several years back when i was commuting by train, Bogor – Jakarta – Bogor. Crowded, busy and noisy. 

Some changes, though. The trains are better , the railway stations are cleaner, no more hawkers,    and  the orderly ticketing system called COMMET (Commuter Electronic Ticketing). The trains have provided coaches for women passengers only, which are located in the front and back parts.  

There I was…! I found myself standing in the middle of the throng, couldn’t move my feet even an inch, like playing a statue game – if you knew! Even though the coach was air-conditioned, but I felt hot inside and suddenly my throat was parched. Freckles of sweat came up in my forehead. 

But no one complained! At least I didn’t hear anyone shouted of this discomfort! 

I looked around. As I was in a woman coach, every where were women. Those who were lucky could enjoy the seats and fell asleep. Those who were standing, one hand was busy with their gadgets and the other hand clutched on the handgrips to keep their body steady. 

I felt impressed with all those women. They were already tired after their eight-working hours  but still managed to stand up around one hour, or even an hour and a half to reach their home in the packed coach! What a struggle!

Looking at this condition, I absolutely agree why a better public transport system couldn’t be delayed any longer in Jakarta.  It is an urgent need. Most of big cities around the world had developed their mass rapid transit years ago, name a few; Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, London, etc. 

A better public transport system would reduce one of the pressures living in a metropolitan. A comfortable and safe mass transportation is what the commuters long for. 

Believe it or not, a better public transport system is the sine qua non to enhance the life quality of workers;  minimising factors causing stress. Imagine these circumstances.  Arriving at home, these women would do their houseworks. If they did not own a maid, they would cook, they would wash and clean their house themselves. How could they manage to have a restful night, let alone have a quality time with their family with their exhausted body and mind? 

I would like to close this scratch of thought by thanking Jokowi and Ahok for their commitment to make this happen, soon. The mega project has started!  AND WE ARE WAITING! 


Jakarta, 27 March 2014

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