The Dreams ; The Hopes (A Journey to a home where a tree of learning growing; Part II)

The contemporary pedagogy that JIS and other International schools around the world has been embracing highlight  “the process” more instead of “results” in teaching and learning. As it emphasises  in process, it then promotes students independence, sense of responsibility and an ownership of learning. It uplifts students dignity as human being as mistakes are allowed and considered as a part of learning, So learning is safe, engaging and fun. 

The learning journey develops  four aspects of learning; 

Cognitively ; students are encouraged to be resourceful, actively question, make connections, use their imagination and reason

Emotionally;  students learn to manage their own distraction, to increase self-awareness and  be persevere, to keep going in the face of difficulties.

Socially ;  students are encouraged to collaborate in learning, to contribute to the group positively, to listen and respect different perspectives

Strategically ;  students are encouraged to make a plan, to set their goal in learning, to reflect, to learn how to learn (meta – learning, metacognition). 

It values how the brain works best in learning as it appreciates even a baby step.  A little achievement should be and worth celebrating.  There are so many “AHA” moments – an indication that learning is happening (Vygotsky’s term about ZPD ; Zone of Proximal Development), a condition when  human brain seeks an equilibrium every time  it catches new information or new knowledge. And this is how dendrites grow! It doesn’t grow through doing a pile of worksheet or just listen to what the teachers say. 

Those are the light of education. Those are the answers of quest of the world renowned psychologists and education experts, name them few; Vigotsky, Piaget, Howard Gardner, Bandura, Jerome Bruner, etc. Their premises influenced the flow of the learning journey that evidently promote students to grow to be critical thinkers, independent learners  and great collaborators. 

Those are what Indonesian schools and education need to implement if what they pursue is a better future.  As Nelson Mandela once  said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nothing is more important for  a country than its education.

Since I am now a part of JIS community, who feel and experience directly how teaching and learning happening there, JIS is becoming my hopes. A hope to be able to share more, a hope to contribute more to Indonesian schools and education. A  hope that more and more schools and teachers come to visit, to experience, to elevate their  knowledge and expertise. 

With those kinds of teaching methodology, JIS provide comfortable and safe environment for students in learning. Students enjoy their school days, actively involve in many activities to grow more academically, emotionally and socially. 

Undoubtedly, many consider that  JIS has been a second home for students, teachers and staff. I couldn’t  agree more with this. 

I always see  the sun shining above this home. Days are colourful and meaningful. The sky is bright flashing the lights of hopes that I always bear in my mind. 

Then suddenly a big storm stroke this home.  So out of the blue. Every one inside the home  who listened to the news gaped in disbelief. Every body was hurt deeply for the fact that  one of our young and beloved member of family was stricken by this storm. 

Then tears shed in every part of the home. We put every effort to do  the best we can to save the kid. Tears came down and  flew like a waterfall, evaporated and condensed in the sky to form  heavy clouds. The clouds blurred the sky. Dark and somber, just like our hearts. 

Those heavy clouds above the home then make people outside there who never knew, never heard or let alone visited this beautiful home, what they can manage is –  see that dark and gloomy firmament. 

The blame game started. It is easy to play. But, it never helps to overcome the aftermath. 

The whole family inside the home are still in grief and sorrow. The tears have not yet dried when I am writing this. The tears that coming down for our vulnerable and innocent kid, the tears that coming down for the peaceful home environment that was shaken by this tragedy. 

However,  the journey of the family must go on. With a deep sadness from within, the JIS home even look stronger. The shido seems to be protecting the family, even to unite them more. 

Every cloud has a silver lining, people say. The cloud is still there, hanging.  It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever. Hold on! 

JIS. Keep hugging your big dreams in your wings, just  like Jatayu! Stay strong like Naga! When a dream seems to be falling apart, only hope that will save us. Hang on! The time will come. The time when the cloud is gone, when the sky above us become clear and bright as before. There when people will see the beauty of your truntum and vibes that keep spreading the essence of learning. 

JIS. We will always be with you, in good times, in bad times – as we have found love, joy, a home, a family – in YOU.


Jakarta, 30 May 2014

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